hisice carna 19Modern wooden bungalows, sizing 27 m²+ a 12 m² podium, are set in a tidy plantation of fruit trees, decorative shrubbery and plants, vegetable and herb garden, with a view of the forests, a vineyard, and the Pannonian Plain. In the centre space with a kitchen and a living room, panoramic glass offers a marvellous view of the plain, while you can catch a glimpse of Donačka gora, Boč, Pohorje, and more in the background.

hisice carna 02In the daily room, you can sit in a comfortable two-seat or indulge in a good self-prepared meal. This is made possible through a kitchen set with cook top, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a coffee machine, as well as corresponding dishes and tableware.

hisice carna 04 hisice carna 07The bungalows have two dormitories. There is a smaller bedroom on the ground floor, and a larger one on the podium, accessible by ladder and protected with a net.

hisice carna 05The bathroom can be heated with an electric radiator and has a spacious shower, WC, and a modern washbowl.

hisice carna 03Available on the terrace are a wooden bathtub with optional heating, a table with chairs, and two deck chairs.

hisice carna 21In the garden, there is a large neat space for gathering by the fire, suitable for »bread brazing« and more. The parking is located in front of the fenced garden. The bungalows are equipped with air conditioning.

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