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Our choice of activities

Prekmurje is not just a plain with the Mura River, where time and the heartbeat run slower. The hilly part of Prekmurje – Goričko can be a real natural gym for the most demanding guests.

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For romantic souls

  • Enjoy nature walks amidst nearby or distant fields and forests;
  • experience the thrill of rafting with an experienced guide down the Mura River, link: Rafting Murski Čolnar, (24 km*);
  • explore Prekmurje on a cycling adventure, whether in the flat or hilly areas. You can choose to ride on your own or join a cycling guide. Experienced guides and electric bike rentals can be arranged through RideGoricko, (16 km*);
  • try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) or surfing on lake – Soboško jezero, link: Surf and SUP Club Pomurje, (12 km*);
  • or with the help of the Amazon of Europe project, explore destinations by bike, canoe or kayak and feel the pulse of rural villages and towns that invite you to slow down and enjoy the moment, link:

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For adrenaline enthusiasts

  • Tromeja Kuzma Bike Park – designed for mountain biking enthusiasts, offering three tracks of varying difficulty. The unique aspect is that payment is based on what you are willing to contribute, link: Bike Park, (22 km*);
  • Adventure Park Bukovnica – suitable for participants aged four and above, the park is tailored to your age and capacity, link: Adventure Park, (19 km*);
  • Zipline Vinarium Lendava – featuring two parallel cables for simultaneous descent, allowing two people to reach speeds between 50 and 65 kilometers per hour along the 500-meter-long cable at the fastest point, link: Zipline Vinarium, (38 km*);
  • experience the thrill of riding a motorbike or go-kart at the LindauRing Lendava circuit, link: LindauRing, (42 km*).

*distance of the destination from Houses Čarna

Our selection of culinary experiences

It would be a sin not to try at least one of the culinary delights of Prekmurje/Pomurje (bograč, bujta repa, dödöle, ciganska pečenka, prekmurska šunka, mlejčne ougurke, ajdova ali kukurčna zlejvanka, prekmurska gibanica, prleška gibanica, …).

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For gourmet pleasures

  • Restaurant Rajh, Bakovci – the fourth generation at Restaurant Rajh offers dishes inspired by traditional Prekmurje cuisine, transformed with a contemporary touch of freshness, lightness, and allure, link: Restaurant Rajh, (14 km*);
  • Kodila, Restaurant Meet Meat Eat, Markišavci – a place where the plate is never short of meat, link: Kodila, (7 km*);
  • Oaza Grill, Mlajtinci – primarily a “steakhouse” that specializes in steaks, link: Oaza Grill, (12 km*);
  • Restaurant Zeleni Gaj, Fokovci – an inn where dishes are prepared according to the recipes of mothers and grandmothers, using ingredients from surrounding farms, link: Zeleni Gaj, (9 km*);
  • Restaurant Tonček, Beltinci – savor traditional dishes prepared in a modern way at Restaurant Tonček, link: Restaurant Tonček, (17 km*).

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For lunches like at home & pizza lovers

  • Snack bar Na Jasi, Bodonci – serving traditional Prekmurje dishes, link: Snack bar Na Jasi, (11 km*);
  • Restaurant Marič, Sebeborci – a haven for Prekmurje delicacies, delicious pizzas, and more, link: Restaurant Marič, (5 km*);
  • Puhan Tourist Farm, Bogojina – delight in traditional Prekmurje dishes and cold cuts, link: Puhan Tourist Farm, (15 km*);
  • Inn-Pizzeria Nona, Murska Sobota, link: Nona, (8 km*);
  • Pizzeria Uno – Rajh, Murska Sobota, link: Uno Rajh, (9 km*);
  • Pizzeria Perunika, Moravske Toplice, link: Perunika, (9 km*).

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For romantic souls & sweet kisses

  • Chocolate Shop Passero, Tešanovci – experience the essence of Prekmurje flavors captured in chocolate bars, pralines, ice cream, and more, link: Passero Chocolate, (11 km*);
  • Estate Mala Rosa, Stanjevci – indulge in the finest pies, juices, gin and tonic with dried roses in the old hayloft, link: Estate Mala Rosa, (12 km*);
  • Hiša Gibanice, Renkovci – explore the world of two gastronomic specialties of Pomurje and try your hand at preparing Prekmurje gibanica, link: Hiša Gibanice, (21 km*);
  • Lušt Homestead, Renkovci – delight in tasting and purchasing delicious tomatoes grown in Prekmurje, link: Lušt Homestead, (20 km*).

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For lovers of wines & sparkling wines

  • Gjerkeš Wines, Fikšinci – explore the exceptional terroir of this estate, nestled between two dormant volcanoes. Gjerkeš Wines are crafted with nature-friendly vineyard cultivation and meticulous cellar work, giving them a unique stamp, link: Gjerkeš Wines, (23 km*);
  • Wine cellar Marof, Mačkovci – a modern winery deeply connected to nature, tradition, and the winemaking principles of ancestors, link: Wine cellar Marof, (8 km*);
  • The Home of Radgonska Gorica Sparkling Wine, Gornja Radgona – a place where sparkling wine has found its home for over 170 years, link: Sparkling wine Radgonske Gorice, (26 km*).

*distance of the destination from Houses Čarna

Our selection of cultural and tourist sights

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Heading east

  • St. Martin’s Church, Martjanci – experience Gothic architecture adorned with wall paintings, link: St. Martin’s Church, (7 km*);
  • The Filovci Pottery Village – explore black pottery and a Pannonian house, two distinct sights of Prekmurje, link: Filovci Pottery Village, (17 km*);
  • Plečnik’s Church in Bogojina – also known as the White Dove, this church by architect Jože Plečnik is among the most modern in Europe, link: Plečnik’s Church, (15 km*);
  • Rotunda of St. Nicholas in Selo – an exceptional example of Romanesque sacral architecture with Gothic wall paintings, link: Rotunda of St. Nicholas, (17 km*);
  • Lake Bukovniško jezero, Bukovnica – an accumulation lake surrounded by a forest with 26 energy points and the Spring of St. Vitus. Discover its healing effects on vision, hearing, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, and skin, link: Lake in Bukovnica, (19 km*);
  • Sun and Planets Strehovci Learning Trail, (19 km*);
  • Path Through the Swamp, Lončarovci – explore the natural variety in one of Goričko’s smallest villages, link: Path Through the Swamp, (14 km*);
  • Ocean Orchids Tropical Garden, Dobrovnik – admire tropical and subtropical plants, including various orchid species, from around the world, link: Ocean Orchids, (22 km*);
  • Vinarium Observation Tower, Lendava – enjoy a wonderful 360° view of four countries, link: Vinarium Observation Tower, (38 km*);
  • Theater and Concert Hall Lendava – a magnificent building designed by renowned Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz, globally recognized for advocating organic architecture, link: Theater and Concert Hall, (37 km*);
  • Lendava Synagogue – the central architectural building of the former Jewish community in Prekmurje, and the only preserved synagogue in Slovenia apart from the one in Maribor, link: Lendava Synagogue, (37 km*).

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Heading west & flat part

  • Castle Grad in Goričko – explore the largest Baroque castle in Slovenia, rumored to have 365 rooms, link: Castle Grad, (16 km*);
  • Vulkanija Park, Grad – did you know that the last volcano in Slovenia erupted 3 million years ago? Experience a volcanic eruption firsthand, link: Vulkanija Park, (18 km*);
  • Slatin Spring Nuskova – discover the source of natural mineral water in Nuskova, known for its richness in iron, (24 km*);
  • Sotinski Brejg or Kugla – reach the highest peak of Prekmurje at 418 m, featuring a lookout tower and bell tower, (27 km*);
  • Murska Sobota Castle with the Pomurje Museum and City Park – serving as the central museum for the preservation of movable and immaterial heritage in Pomurje, it is surrounded by one of the most beautifully preserved castle parks in Slovenia, link: Pomurje Museum, (10 km*);
  • Murska Sobota Evangelical Church – connected to the castle by the Trubarjev tree row, link: Evangelical Church, (9 km*);
  • Expano Murska Sobota – The Gateway to Pomurje – offering an innovative and technologically exceptional experience of the world along the Mura, providing insights into traditions, nature, present life, and dreams. Adjacent is an imaginary sports park next to lake – Soboško jezero, link: Expano Murska Sobota, (12 km*);
  • Island of Love Ižakovci – discover Bürajštvo and the ford on the Mura, link: Island of Love, (24 km*);
  • Babičev Mill on the Mura River, Veržej – the only preserved and functioning mill on the Mura river where you can also purchase mill products, link: Babičev Mill, (22 km*);
  • Tinekov Brod on Gornja Bistrica, link: Tinekov Brod, (25 km*);
  • Rakičan Manor, Rakičan – a country manor surrounded by an English park, offering horse riding for adults and children, link: Rakičan Manor, (12 km*).

*distance of the destination from Houses Čarna