Houses Čarna – about us

About us

We are Nataša and Andrej, a food technologist and florist, nature and animal enthusiasts, and lovers of good food. We have created the story of Houses Čarna for you, inspired by the enchanting view of the nearby plain and distant hills, just a stone’s throw away from our family home. With combined knowledge, a sense of aesthetics, respect for natural gifts, and tradition, the process of integrating into the space began with a crafted vision of added value ─ so that guests in the cottages would not just stay, but coexist with their beautifully designed surroundings and its gifts, offering them other indulgence options (sauna, hot bath, culinary experiences with different breakfasts, …), and with a personal approach, introduce our Goričko and Prekmurje to guests with all its interesting features, specialties, and friendly people.

And so that the stay in Houses Čarna remains a magical memory for the guests.